A newly-announced partnership between The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and video aggregation platform Waywire is poised to make video content from this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) more accessible than ever before.

The CES, which launched in 1967, is among the tech industry’s biggest stages. The show provides industry leaders and upstart innovators a chance to introduce new products and ideas their peers and consumers. When it opens in in Las Vegas, Nevada in January, CES will be among the tech world’s most closely-watched events, with more than 5,000 journalists on site generating content for industry insiders and consumer tech enthusiasts alike. To meet the challenge of organizing the deluge of content generated around the event, the CTA has partnered with Waywire to curate what it describes as an “editorially relevant” video feed capturing the most substantive and engaging video news flowing out of the show.

Waywire will utilize its patented video curation technology to build a comprehensive and web-accessible platform for CES video content. Housed at CES, Waywire.com will surface the most relevant video from the show for industry players, enthusiasts and journalists not on the ground who want to keep pace with the steady stream of innovations and announcements that are typically generated at CES.

Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of Waywire.com touted the partnership in statement, saying, “I’ve always known that the power of CES was in its power to gather the world’s most important and emerging players in the technology world. Now they are convener of the world’s conversations about tech. The question was how can they organize the video to provide valuable context. The answer was curation, and the solution was Waywire.”

Rosenbaum went on to note that Waywire’s role will be to both embrace and organize that staggering amount of video content that is now routinely created by both professional news organizations and amateur journalists using mobile video technology, “then provide its audience with a well-curated experience that surfaces the best and most relevant content effortlessly.”

Launched in 2013 and acquired by Magnify Networks later that year, Waywire is no stranger to the tech scene. In 2014, the company partnered with Digital NYC to curate and power a video content hub focused on the New York City tech start-up scene. Waywire has also worked with major media outlets such as Al Jazeera and RT America to create curated branded content channels, and has done the same for digital publishers such as DanceOn and Maker Camp and YouTube star Amanda Steele.

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