At, our core mission is to serve the community with the best video selection that exists on the internet and to make the process of curated collections as simple and effective as humanly possible. We’ve embarked on a great journey over the past year; form acquisitions, hires, space growth to partnerships, its fact to say there has been growth.

In the past year we partnered with  the BBC for a continued growth of high content collections to better serve their consumers. The BBC, who’s company is built on the mission of enriching people’s lives with programs and services that inform, educate and entertain; they’re synced  directly with our mission of providing quality curated collections.

As  one of the most established content providers in its realm, what this partnership will bring for year 2014 and beyond is a heightened collection of the videos consumers crave, a source provider for content on the Magnify platform that our users  will have available and a continuous exchange of content and service for a better delivery to the consumers at large.  

“The BBC is employing our “Preroll Everywhere” product,  and it is one of the most valuable features of the Magnify platform.  This service enables you to legitimately monetize all video you publish, from multiple sources, utilizing your own ad server and inventory.  There are no revenue shares, no management fees, only a service that you can easily forecast and scale.” Steve Rosenbaum, CEO,


Of the six public purposes the company runs it’s self on;  Magnify is  excited about being  able to fulfill that of “Delivering to the public the benefit of emerging communication technologies and services”.

About the BBC

Established by a Royal Charter, the BBC is a public service broadcaster funded by the licence fee paid by UK households. An independent company built on imperialism and honesty; their foundation is trust. They carry programs and services in the UK as well as around the world  in the following categories: Television, Radio, Online, Commercial, Around the UK, and Around the wold.


The platform is a cloud- based video curation  platform that provides solution to facilitate  the fix to monetization issues, discovery and video curation. As a leader in curation, our focus is clients and their consumers. We work with many leading sites, brands and communities  for a continued provision of the best quality videos.


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