The Platform

Scouring the Internet for video is tough work. Organizing your curated content through the Waywire Enterprise platform is easy. Using our distributed cloud-based architecture, aggregating and curating video and photographs from a multitude of sources is as easy as A-V-D.

Automated Video Discovery targets pinpoint searches to deliver to you the content you’re looking for. Supporting powerful SEO & SEM based techniques, your aggregated collection is delivered directly to your web based curation application, the Waywire Enterprise platform.

Then, as your team makes video, use the Waywire Enterprise hosting platform to store and deliver your high quality content. Powered by Akamai’s industry-leading CDN, your videos will look crystal clear – and can be delivered to desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

And, if you already have video on a leading OVP – no worries. Waywire Enterprise is integrated with Brightcove and other OVPs, so you can manage your video sources, MVP and SVP players, and widgets and pages from our dashboard.

Waywire Enterprise delivers a total solution, with a powerful content management system that enables player and player page delivery, encoding, transcoding and content delivery.

We fit into your web site seamlessly, allowing a faster time to market with video solutions than our competitors.
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The Platform