In a world of too much content, you’re high quality curated collection is just what your audience (and advertisers) are looking for. Waywire Enterprise offers a robust collection of monetization solutions and resources.

Looking for more pre-roll inventory that your sales team can sell to satisfy agency and client RFP’s? Waywire Enterprise gives publishers and site owners the ability to target campaigns to appropriate key-words and curated collections. And with Pre-Roll Everywhere, you can grow your inventory collection by curating and mixing video from trusted sources, your own content, and collected and curated content. Whether your monetization strategies include display and banner ads, pre-roll, subscription or e-commerce, the Waywire Enterprise platform matches visitors to videos and ads, expanding inventory and broadening engagement opportunities on each video landing page. With more inventory, consider developing new advertising products such as sponsored playlists and widgets that can be embedded on other sites, e-commerce opportunities for brands and products and much more. Increased inventory = increased monetization opportunities.

Looking to complement your own sales efforts with video streams pre-sold with advertising inventory that you can share? Our Premium Content is sold by AOL’s industry leading web video sales team at premium cpms, and revenue shares already baked in. AOL’s collection of more than 40 well known sources brings quality and control to your advertiser offering, and additional revenues when you curate from AOL’s vast video collection.

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