Content is the basic building block that forms the foundation for every consumer experience. Unfiltered content overwhelms consumers – but contextually relevant content makes your site meaningful and engaging. Waywire Enterprise 3.0 platform puts curated content right at your fingertips.

Premium Content, powered by the Aol.On network, gives you the ability to curate video content from such trusted sources as Reuters, BBC News, Mashable, Travel Channel, Food Network, ELLE and many more. Videos posted on your site from the Waywire Enterprise Premium Content library also deliver incremental revenue to your site by way of Aol’s market leading ad sales team. Through our premium partnership with Aol, you will receive a significant share of ad revenue generated by Aol’s pre-roll advertisements just by posting a Premium Content video on your site.

Curated Content. The Waywire Enterprise 3.0 platform powers automated video discovery from 16 different sources including YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Whether your goal is to host the best DIY videos from YouTube for aspiring chefs or curate breaking news from the BBC, the [enterprise_title]asd[/enterprise_title] 3.0 platform allows you to mix content from market leading sources with your own proprietary videos and deliver relevant, revenue generating ad campaign pre-roll….Curation that Pays!

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