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Waywire Enterprise Single Sign-On API

Each Waywire Enterprise channel has an associated database of user accounts to allow visitors to identify themselves when posting videos, comments, and other information.

However, if you are integrating a Waywire Enterprise channel with an existing web site that already has a user database, you may wish to avoid asking visitors to register and sign in separately in two places.

The Waywire Enterprise SSO API provides a simple way to integrate your Waywire Enterprise channel with an existing user login system.

When activated, this system provides the following user experience:

  • The user only ever authenticates at your main site — they never see the Waywire Enterprise login form.
  • If an anonymous user attempts to access an authenticated area, they’re sent to your login page to identify themselves, then returned to the page they had requested.
  • If the user identifies themselves to your main site and then visits Waywire Enterprise, they’re recognized immediately.
  • Every user who logs in to your main site and then visits the Waywire Enterprise channel is added to the channel’s member list.

To get started with the SSO API, please review the requirements and setup procedures in our implementation guide.