Waywire Enterprise Channel Access API

Waywire Enterprise functionality can be accessed independently of the channel admin—through the channel access API. This enables users to seamlessly integrate the platform’s features with their existing site.

Note that the API is intended for developers with technical proficiency and experience with server-side scripting.

Requests to the API are made through REST and yield an atom-compatible feed with standardized metadata in the opensearch namespace.

API Key Management and Authentication

You can create and revoke API keys in your site admin. To get there, first log in to the admin of your site (www.yoursitename.waywire.com/admin). In the Channel tab, scroll to the bottom and click on the Manage API Access link under the Developer APIs subheader. Here you will be able to manage the API keys.

Only one key needs to be used for any particular application, but you can create up to five keys if you have several developers working on different applications.

Every request request to the API requires a key. You can do this by entering the key as a value for the X-Key header in your HTTP request.


GET /api/content/browse?key=73VGKD2MT81C0K65&format=json HTTP/1.1 
Host: apitestsite.waywire.com
X-Magnify-Key: 123456789ABCDEF0

Passing a key as a query string parameter is also possible, but not recommended.